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To the parents and community members of Manara Leadership Academy, thank you for taking a couple moments of your time to check out our website. 

For those of you unfamiliar with Manara Leadership Academy we provide students with a creative, adaptive and ethical environment to prepare them to become future leaders of our society.  Students gain a strong command of a foreign language and all learning is guided by building on cultural heritage and life-experiences to enable the highest levels of success.

As a member of the EL Schools network, Manara Leadership Academy is dedicated to creating cross-curricular expeditions of learning that make state standards come alive.  We pride ourselves on giving students rigorous work that goes beyond the simple state requirements for high school graduation and instead produce empowered leaders ready to tackle the issues faced in the 21st Century global community.   All students at MLA are required to take three years of a foreign language – automatically making them eligible for the Performance Acknowledgment for graduation - and four years of humanities (the combination course work from English Language Arts and Social Sciences).  We do this to build students' critical thinking skills and broaden their view of the world in which they live.   Lastly, as a tool to promote healthy global leaders, all students are required to take Environmental Science in their junior or senior year.  

We may be a small school, but we provide a healthy environment in which students and teachers build strong connections with one another and with the content they study. Committing to an education at Manara Leadership Academy is a rich investment of mind and body.  We hope you'll join us on our journey of learning. 

Adam Flores

About Manara Academy

Manara Academy, founded in 2008; is a beacon of knowledge and community. We are the first Expeditionary Learning school in Texas. As a Public Charter School, we only deliver the highest quality education and uphold the standards of one of the most successful modes of instruction.

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