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Principals Message


Dear Manara Leadership Parents and Family,

Welcome back to school! As we begin our 2018-2019 school year, I would like to wish us all a great start to the new school year. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve the Manara Leadership Academy as your Principal. It is my goal to advocate for students and their families. I am here to support parents in what I know to be, a very tough job. Students, I’m here to support you during this time of your education where you grow into adulthood and find your passion. The teachers and staff of Manara Leadership and I are most grateful to be here during this exciting time of your life!

We have already taken some steps to bring about changes within our school building. Our hallways have a fresh coat of paint, and cafeteria tables have been ordered and will arrive soon. The teachers have worked hard at developing rigorous academic curriculum and we are preparing for our Back to School Fair. We have several new teachers whom are excited to introduce themselves to you and are looking forward to meeting with you!

During initial staff meetings our teachers and staff were asked why they chose Manara Academy and resounding responses and common themes emerged. These answers included, their love for children, their desire to be ongoing learners themselves as they learn from their students, and the belief system that a good teacher can make a difference in a child’s life. We all know we’ve had people in our lives that inspire us and help us to grow as individuals. I’m so impressed by the commitment of this staff to your children and their amount of dedication to preparing for the arrival of this new school year. I can’t wait to begin!  It has become quickly apparent to me that Manara is a special place for children to grow and learn. Please join us! Have a wonderful school year!


Denise Woodward

Manara Leadership Academy Principal 

About Manara Academy

Manara Academy, founded in 2008; is a beacon of knowledge and community. We are the first Expeditionary Learning school in Texas. As a Public Charter School, we only deliver the highest quality education and uphold the standards of one of the most successful modes of instruction.

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